Thank you very much!

Although this year’s MaNo-Musikfestival lasted one day longer (because the bands from Northampton came back to stay one more night) it was over toooooo soon!

Thank you all so much for coming to Marburg!
Thanks to the guest bands, you were all incredibly good! Thanks to the organization teams from Twinfest Northampton and Poitiers Jeunes!

Thanks to all the extra guests, especially from Northampton.

Thanks to all the venues, clubs and pubs for working with us every year!

Thanks to all the bands from Marburg for enabling us to invite all the guest bands (because they play for free).

Thanks to the the Town Marburg, the band guides, the hosts, the technicians, the people at the doors, and everyone else that helped!

Thanks to the people of Marburg because you are such a good crowd.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this MaNo and who enjoyed friendship and music with us across all those borders that lie between us!

Let’s stay close together and let’s do it again next year at the 25th edition of the MaNo-Musikfestival which will take place between 5.03. and 07.03.2020. See you soon!

The MaNo team

21. März 2019